Canned Fruit
1) Whole/Broken/Slices/Tidbits/Pieces fruits in syrup or natural juice 

2)HACCP/ISO, top quality, competitive price 

3)Customer Brand avaliable 

4)Packed by tin 

We also supply other canned fruits, such as canned Lychees, Pineapple, Yellow Peaches, Pears, Strawberries and etc. Welcome to contact us for more detailed inforamtion.
  • Canned Fruit Specifications Cylind Tins Glass Jars Season
    Lychees Whole/Broken Jun-Jul
    Longan Whole/Broken Jul-Aug
    Pineapple Slices/Tidbits/Pieces in syrup or natural juice Year-round
    Yellow Peaches Halves/Slices/Cubes Aug-Sep
    Pears Halves/Slices/Cubes Sep-Oct
    Strawberries Whole in Syrup/Natural Juice Apr-May
    Apricots(peeled/unpeeled) Halves in Syrup Jun-Jul
    Grape in syrup Whole Aug-Sep
    Mandarin Oranges Segments/Pulps in Syrup/Juice Pack Oct-Feb
    Cocktail/Mixed Fruits In Syrup Jul-Dec
    Apples(Solid Pack/Syrup) Whole/Slice/Cubes Sep-Dec
    Loquat/Arbutus/Mango/Kiwi Whole Jun-Aug