Canned Mushroom
1)Piece and stems, sliced, whole, marinated champignon mushrooms 

2)HACCP/ISO, top quality, competitive price 

3)Customer Brand avaliable  

4)Packed by glass bottle: 314ml, 370ml, 580ml, 720ml

 5)Packed by tin: 184G, 284G, 425g, 850g, 2840g

  We also supply other canned food, such as canned mixed mushroom, canned nameko mushroom, canned boletus edulis. Welcome to contact us for more detailed inforamtion.
  • Canned Mushroom Specifications Cylinder Tins Glass Tins Season
    Mushroom/Champignon Whole/Slice/cut/picked Nov.-Apr.
    Straw Mushroom Whole/Slice/cut Jun.-Sep.
    Hericium erinaceus Whole Nov.-Jan.
    Shii-take Whole/Slice Nov.-Apr.
    Oyster Mushroom Whole/cut Nov.-Jan.
    Sauteed Mushroom Whole Jan.-Sep.
    Golden Mushroom Whole Nov.-Jan.
    Slider Mushroom Whole Nov.-Jan.
    Boletales Mushroom Whole/cut Nov.-Jan.