Tea Cans
Just-Tin offers an ample range of Specialty and Industrial Tins for packaging a wide array of products. With nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience, we can assist you with developing a package to meet your marketing needs.

  For those desiring a custom tin, we can print on all surfaces of the can - interior and exterior, top and bottom. Embossing is available for those wishing to imprint a logo on the top or bottom of the tin. To accommodate products with high acidity (i.e. tomato paste & solvent) or water content, tins can be lined with FDA approved lacquers and other linings.Just-Tin also has an extensive selection of Specialty and Industrial Tins available in stock and ready to ship.   

Interior Seal Tins 

A great container that consumers call "Fresh!" A pliable ring fits to the interior allowing for a straight-sided slender profile can. Several diameters and heights are available by special order. Covers are de-bossed for the 2 11/16" diameter.  

Uses for Interior Seal Tins include: 
  •  candies 
  •  cosmetics 
  •  powdered drink mixes 
  • spices 
  • teas